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Lifelong Learning

Trinity regularly hosts opportunities for lifelong learning--opportunities that are open to non-Trinity students, lay people, clergy seeking professional development, and other friends.

During the academic year, Trinity faculty teach week-long intensive courses to interns returning from their internship sites. These short-run courses are often open to the public for audit. Courses are also offered in May and over the summer, and Dean Kleinhans regularly hosts travel seminars for alumni and friends of the seminary. Additionally, in both the fall and spring each year, Trinity hosts accomplished speakers who offer public lectures.

Online Courses

Each semester, Trinity offers a small roster of online classes. Like all of our courses, these classes challenge assumptions and support students as they encounter new ideas. For current ministry practitioners, online courses offer an ideal opportunity for engaging current theological developments and best practices. Creativity abounds in online classes. Like any good class, students participate in typical lectures and discussions, and assignments help students think deeply and apply practical skills.

Some recent online courses have been:

  • BL 3135 - Theology of the Prophets
  • HTS 3031 - Being Lutheran in America

Spring and Fall Semester Week-Long Intensive Courses

In classroom settings oriented around discussion, observation, critical listening, and practical experience, our faculty offer week-long intensive courses in both the fall and spring. The courses change regularly, so if the kind of class you are most excited about is not on the roster for this semester, check back! Conversely, because our intensives rotate, jump into more than one and stay engaged!

Some recent intensive courses have been:

  • MN 2605 - Missional Stewardship
  • HTS 3061 - Theology of Mission

May Term and Summer Courses

In both May and the summer months, Trinity holds intensive courses. Lasting from one to three weeks, these classes typically meet daily for longer blocks of time than a typical semester-long course. This affords a rich opportunity for a time of focused, intentional learning. The course length, content, and structure makes it an ideal learning opportunity for clergy on sabbatical, laypersons seeking theological enrichment, retirees interested in new activity, and friends of the seminary to gain a little first-hand participation in community life.

Like spring and fall semester intensives, May-Term and Summer Courses change every year, though recent classes include:

  • MN 2638 - Emotional Intelligence for Life in the Parish
  • MN 2602 - Rural and Small Town Ministry
  • HTS 2033 - Pentecostal History and Theology

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Travel Seminars

Over the years, Dean Kit Kleinhans has led dozens of travel seminars to Germany. These trips are not just tours, but rather opportunities for continuing education and engagement with Reformation heritage. Typically, travel groups are small cohorts of seminary alumni and friends. Some individuals, looking forward to the sites and the company of a small travel cohort, sign up by themselves, some clergy join the seminars as continuing education, and still others sign up with a family member. In sum--there is space for you.

For information about upcoming travel seminar plans, please contact Dean Kleinhans’ office at or 614-236-6856.

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