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Finding ways to foster the growth of relationships

Student Life Opportunities

Life Together

Life Together is a seminary-wide organization that acknowledges and participates in the Holy Spirit’s creation of Christian community in all its diverse expressions. Life Together lives out its mission by promoting and funding activities that encourage prayer, worship, care of creation, advocacy, small group development, challenging and candid conversations, shared meals, and laughter and play.

Life Together Leadership is comprised of a Convener, Communicator, Financial Coordinator, and Intersectionality Leader. Leadership positions are elected by the student body at the beginning of each school year. Life Together may determine additional leadership roles are needed in a given school year. New positions can be created by Life Together and filled by a student body election process. All students are encouraged to attend Life Together meetings and share input on how to best attend to the needs of the entire community. (Read position descriptions for Life Together leadership.)

The Intersectionality Group

The Intersectionality Group brings together students from various affinity interests and helps coordinate their efforts. Historically, Trinity Lutheran Seminary Affinity Groups have included, Addiction Awareness, Imago (LGBTQ+), Racial Reconciliation, SEEDS (earth care), Tamar’s Circle (women in ministry). Activity among these groups has ebbed and flowed based on the interests and size of the student body in a given year. Students with a desire to participate or take a leadership role in an affinity interest will find the intersectionality group the place to get connected. Ideas for new affinity interests may be brought to the Intersectionality Group. The Intersectionality group will help coordinate worship weeks for each affinity interest. The intersectionality group will also consider other ways to help bring awareness and learning opportunities related to each affinity interest to the entire seminary community.  In any given year, full fledged affinity groups may meet in addition to the work of the intersectionality group if there is enough student interest.

The Integrative Group (I-Group)

I-Groups meet on Tuesday mornings after Eucharist. I-Groups are small groups composed of students across degree programs focused on helping students integrate their seminary experiences both in the classroom and out. I-groups occasionally plan weeks of worship, plan social gatherings and carry out service projects. I-groups are led by student conveners and supported by faculty members. Participation in I-groups is strongly encouraged. 

Intentional Living House of People (IHOP)

Each year, students may apply to live in the intentional living house. In addition to committing to support one another, intentional living students coordinate and host weekly Common Meals, which aim to build community through table fellowship. The intentional living house residents may decide to host other social events based on the perceived needs of the community. All students and their families are encouraged to attend Common Meal.  Anyone can sign up to cook. Those who cook will be reimbursed for food purchased.

Spiritual Direction

Trinity contracts with Sara Ward to provide Spiritual Direction at a greatly subsidized cost to interested students. If you would like to make an appointment with Sara Ward, please e-mail her at Sara Ward Sara is willing to provide spiritual direction via video conference call for students who are learning at a distance.